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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 9, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a van from the alameda county corner leaves the crime scene at a different county after taking the body of a missing woman. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. authorities have recovered a missing body as searchers looked for sandra coke. ktvu's amber lee join us live from the scene.
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she's learned the body hasn 't yet been identified. but authorities are finding the lead even as the body was found in solano county. >> reporter: it would be pretty dark out here if it weren't for the lights we set up. the body was just found down the road. after hours of processing this crime scene. investigators pulled up just a short while ago. >> at 8:34 tonight. we saw the mobile police unit pull out. law enforcement tells me alameda has possession of the body found here. the extensive search for sandra coke of oakland focused on vallejo last night. but this afternoon crews shifted their search to vacaville. they found the body under a cluster of trees, close to interstate 80 behind a church and a pottery business. >> we are waiting official confirmation on the identity of the body. and then after that the next process will be to notify the next of kin.
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>> today's grim discovery comes five days after 50-year-old coke vanished. she's a criminal investigator for the criminal's defense office. just yesterday, her sister spoke to me saying that she -- spoke to me telling me about her hopes to find coke alive. >> where do you recognize him from? >> her house. >> how long had he been at her house? >> he had been there for i would say it was a few months. >> reporter: i showed this photo of alana to lovelace. she told me she recognized him as the man that had been living
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at coke's home and that he stopped living there shortly after coke's dog was stolen. >> i would see him in and out and driving her car. >> reporter: sandra's car? >> yeah. >> reporter: i also spoke with several of sandra coke's friends tonight. all tell me they remain hopeful and don't want to speak publicly until there's positive identification. more about randy alana. alana was acquitted of murder in the 1980s. but while awaiting trial he was charged in the death of another inmate and pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. he also has prior convictions for kidnapping and rape and served time for robbery. the 56-year-old alana is being held at santa rita jail on a parol violation. continuing coverage of the
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b.a.r.t. negotiations. some fear that the governor's move may be delaying the inevitable. >> reporter: a quick update a few minutes ago i got off the phone with b.a.r.t. and the union. they're still in here negotiating, but sound like they might be wrapping up for the night shortly with very little progress. as for the governor's request. he may be using his only trump card. he can intervene just once and if there isn't a deal by sunday. he plans to go to the court and ask for a stoppage of any possible strike. for b.a.r.t. riders tonight there's relief. >> i'm glad he did that. i'm glad the governor stepped in and did that. i am.
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i really am. >> reporter: warren johnson using b.a.r.t. to commute to his work every day. one of the riders of thousands that don't want to relive the previous strike. >> my daughter is on a wheel chair, trying to get on the bus with all these people would be too much. >> reporter: the governor's 48 page request was filed in san francisco superior court about 3:30 this afternoon. it asks for a 60 day court order, an injunction. the governor's spokesman said they had to act today. >> this doesn't change anything that's taking place in this building this weekend. everybody is working tirelessly to get to a deal by sunday regardless of what the governor just announced. >> we're all dismayed we're
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hoping that request is not throwing cold water on what has been a slow slow day. and just slight movement from both sides today. they have not been going face to face. rather there's been federal and state mediators going in between. if there is no deal by 9:00 a.m. sunday then an attorney for the state department of justice plans to go to the court in san francisco and the judge could grant that injunction which would keep a strike avoided until october 10th. reporting live in oakland tonight, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. this sunday's hearing in san francisco would be a first. the court would hear the governor's request at the civic center courthouse. it would be the first time since the civic center courthouse opened in 1998 that it's been used on a weekend to accommodate a hearing. new have -- new video tonight from san francisco where a suspect was wounded. police tell us there was a
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fight tonight near the corner of van nuys and 34th. we do know the three victims were taken to san francisco general and we're told one of them is suffering life threatening injuries. officers did detain three people and made one arrest. >> the san diego county sheriff confirmed that a child's body found in the ruins of a burned home is in fact, the 8-year-old brother of a missing girl at the center of an amber alert and earlier today there was a major break in the case. authorities confirmed the sighting of that girl in idaho and they have now narrowed down their search. investigators say horse back riders have spotted demaggio and anderson. the horse back riders stated that demaggio and anderson
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appeared in good health but are both still missing. the legal tug of war over the state of pennsylvania is now headed today the highest court in the land. he want it is justices to overturn a lower court decision requiring california to reduce its prison population by 10,000 inmates. even if the high court agrees to hear the case, a decision is not expected until next year. the silver fire is burning about 20 miles west of palm springs near the communities of cabazon and manning. 18,000acres have burned so far and that the flames have destroyed 21 homes and one business. authorities say that fire crews now have the wildfire about 41% contained. it started on wednesday afternoon and at this point
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there's still no word on what sparked it. but officials say there is no indication it was anything suspicious. four bay area schools are among those where students allegedly posted s.t.a.a.r. test questions on social media sites. california education officials say students at 242 schools posted test photos on twitter and instagram sites. four bay area high schools in that group of 16 are lowell and san francisco, yerba buena and san jose, pittsburg high and pleasanton. today investigators described pictures they found. >> images of test book covers. images of what we call bubble art where a student may craft a message through the filling in of bubbles. >> reporter: the 16th schools
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where test context were released could lose their commendation rating. >> more than 4-1/1/2 million students took the standardized test. there's been an uproar over the ap test since the tests were invalidated because of seating arrangements. >> reporter: 242 students had advanced placement scores from may invalidated because of what they called seating irregularities though it never accused anyone of cheating. many students reluctantly began retaking exams. >> for ap exams we studied an entire year for them.
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so cramming things in three weeks, i don't think anyone, including myself will do as well as we did in may. >> reporter: students said they took their tests under protests. >> just make sure that the they don't use the fact we've taken the test against us in scores. >> reporter: the dispute is between the district and college board. >> really, the students were just doing what they were told. >> it's an awful situation for the students and parents. >> reporter: jennifer gowen incoming freshman refused to retest even though it might slow her graduation schedule. >> that's now how justice works in america. we want to have a thorough investigation. we want to have a proper appeals process and that's what we're asking the college board to do in addition to give us back our scores. >> they're treating us worse than cheaters, because cheaters have an appeals process. >> reporter: students say they plan to keep turning them in. the lawsuit has been shifted to
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federal court with no court date scheduled. in milbrae, robert handa, ktvu news. this bay area millionaire has been on camera with the president and oprah. tonight what police say his bedroom camera caught him doing that led to his arrest. >> he's embarrassed. >> this strange summer weather continues. i'll show you how much of your weekend will be filled with drizzle and fog. >> paul mccartney shows a new generation of music lovers that he's still got it. we'll show you inside the outside lands next. the cricsr
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the state attorney's general office filed paper work saying the california railroad office is no longer subject to state environmental laws. instead the state argues that the proposed bullet train falls into the oversight of the surface transportation board. the board claimed jurisdiction back in june in a move sought by opponents of the rail line. however, that move could backfire if they can no longer file lawsuits to block the rail line based on the california environmental quality act. the father of a 6 -month-old baby is being held without bail in alameda county charged with the little boy's death. authorities arrested robert daily third yesterday on murder and child abuse charges. investigators say daly who lives near livermore is responsible for injuries that sent the boy to intensive care less than a week ago. the injuries were extensive.
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the baby died a few days after. >> he had a broken retina and broken femur. we believe it had partially to do with being shaken very violently. >> in court documents, doctors describe the injuries as quote assaultive. they said the baby had been abused before. the baby's funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. a multi millionaire from the bay area who has appeared on the oprah winfrey show is under arrest and he is facing very serious charges. david stevenson tells us he's accused of hitting his girlfriend more than 1,000 times this past week and police say they have the video to prove it. >> reporter: shahal usually has a lot to say about his rise as a multi millionaire. >> the kids would make fun of you every day? >> pretty much, i would come home probably four out of five days with my turban in my hand
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and come and run crying to my grandmother. >> reporter: today he was arrested on domestic abuse crime. the entrepreneur struck him girlfriend approximately 117 times inside his infinity towers apartment after learning she had had sex with another man. prosecutors allege he also threatened to kill her twice and held a pillow over her face. a camera in his bedroom caught the abuse. he founded his first business at 16. sold that company for $40 million and made a $2 billion profit in 2007 by selling his second company to yahoo. >> it's always difficult when you have a high profile to not believe you're being singled
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out a little. >> reporter: he surrendered his passport and posted a $100 million bail. the judge also granted a restraining order from contacting his girlfriend. shahal also appeared on secret millionaire. in his appearance, shahal donated as much as $100,000 to the rafael house shelter for children and families. the u.s. state department today announced 18 of 20 embassies and consulates closed this week because of terrorists threats will reopen on sunday. two embassies one in yemen the other in pakistan will remain closed due to continued concern of attacks. an intercepted al-qaida message prompted most of the messages last week. a separate threat caused a separate embassy to be closed yesterday. president obama hosted a
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news conference and he promised transparency on the phone surveillance program but he also said he would not stop it. >> america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. >> reporter: president obama says he will work with congress to improve privacy protections within the national security agencies surveillance programs. part of the changes will better explain to the public how they work. more transparent and an independence group reviewing the program. >> all these steps are designed to ensure that the american people can trust that our efforts are in line with our interests and our values. spokesman for republican house speaker john boehner says the president has been quiet on these controversial programs for too long. and while transparency is important, he says it must not compromise the program. priority must be saving american lives not saving face.
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the president made this rare solo appearance in the east room of the white house taking questions from reporters before departing on a week long vacation. the president also spoke about relations with russia, he said it would not be appropriate to boycott the winter olympics. in washington, jaquelin fell, ktvu news. another round of low clouds and fog pushing back into the bay. the latest satellite you can see some of the overcast over san francisco, san mateo, oakland and hayward. this happened earlier today. our time lapse looking across the golden gate bridge. as a result that's going to push all the way inland. that will set the stage for a partly to mostly cloudy morning. here we go tomorrow morning. some drizzle possible once again especially right in the immediate coastline. right around the bay at 7:00. temperatures to start your
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saturday morning on the cool side. low to mid-50s out there. mountain view 66 degrees. livermore 54. coming up in the next half hour, the lowest temperature in the weekend. >> and the lug boat has made its final trip. workers will soon begin stripping the vessel for scrap parts to recycle. the boat was part of the love boat series. the powerful group of people who are not jumping in line. >> one game closer to a championship. the bay area team on the road to the little league world series.
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the president signed into
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law new rules capping interest rates on student loans. the white house says it will save the average college student $1,500 on the interest of the loan. it's currently at 3.85%. rates for grad students and parent loans are a big higher. a local nonprofit wants every student to have the right tools heading back to class. the goal of the give away is to give those young centers a boost of confidence by being prepared for the new school year ahead. local schools will be getting healthier lunches thanks to new federal guidelines. if school district in pa lo al -- the school district in palo alto give the students and parents a chance to try their new lunch items. among them lasagna, chicken t
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era masala and sushi. >> as they're introduced to the new foods and tastes them, they will be open to the new foods. >> the district plans to eventually let students actually order their lunch online. and has a special back to school section to help you get ready for the new school year. it includes start dates for bay area school districts. we've also posted school photos of some of our on air staff. it's pretty interesting stuff. look for the tab on the site is called wealth x. it compiled a list of
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technopreneurs. no surprise it includes mark zuckerberg. which city was just named the most expensive place for new parents and how much bringing a baby is expected to cost. and looking for mona lisa, the steps investigators took today to try to find the world famous mystery surrounding the icons identity.
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new at 10:00, just how much does a baby's first year cost? where you live could mean a difference of $20,000. any parent will tell you that a baby is priceless but a new study shows one bay area city is the most expensive place to be when raising an infant. ktvu's maureen naylor join us live from san jose with a staggering amount parents there are paying. >> reporter: according to a new list it costs new parents on average $26,000 for the first
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year of a child's life. and that number is higher in san jose. when fred and becky broom brought their baby nico home to the house they already had the essentials. but when they had their first son micah a few years ago, it was a different story. >> just the child care alone, because you have to get everything from scratch. the bassinet, the crib, the stroller. >> reporter: san jose landed as the most expensive place for a baby. san francisco in fourth. factors included child care and housing to diapers and strollers. bringing the total average cost to $26,000. but in san jose when you add up the thousands of dollars estimated for housing, child care, baby items, health care and energy, the total comes out to $41,000 for the first year alone. >> the diapers and the formula
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and actually i just think like the house rent. >> reporter: the san jose mother to be says she can't imagine working on a teacher's salary and paying the high cost for child care. >> it's like $300 a week i think for infants in a lot of places. so, yeah. >> reporter: you're going to stay at home? >> yeah. >> reporter: while the brooms say the cost is all worth it. >> don't let the costs scare you. it's super rewarding. i couldn't ask for anything better. >> reporter: some of the tallies were flattest mates in the cost attached to a baby can be reduced for instance if the baby uses hand me downs. >> maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the opposite end of the spectrum of the cities most affordable to raise a child. number one atlanta georgia, second two san antonio texas.
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in las vegas nevada you can expect your first year of child rearing to cost $19,500. a judge today denied bail for the man accused of fatally shooting a young nursing student in san jose. johnny lozano faces one count of murder with a gun enhancement. 19-year-old kimberly chico was in a car when she was struck by gunfire saturday morning. she was a student at san jose state. her funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. a dog is in need of a wheelchair. the custom made device was left outside on bay view avenue for just a few minutes when laura returned to get it it was gone. without the cart, smoocher has to be carried everywhere. she believes whoever took the wheelchair didn't know what it was. >> it's probably one of these people that drive by in a truck picking up things for garage
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sales. recycling. >> a reward is being offered to anyone who returns the wheelchair no questions asked. the oakland police department is teaming up with community organizations to host the city's second annual gun buy back. the event will be held tomorrow at the youth uprising community center. that's locatedded at 8711 mcarthur boulevard. it's set to run from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. gun owners must provide proof that they live in oakland. the buy back will pay $100 in cash for a handgun and $200 for an assault weapon. guns must be unloaded and also be in working order. in san francisco, a gun buy back last night at a mission district brought in 157 weapons. that number comes from the office of supervisor david campos and four of those guns were assault weapons. the gun buy back was funded by public money and online donations. organizers hope to raise money more so they can get more guns
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off the street. the company violated anti trust laws in hoping of boosting apple prices. apple wanted the ruling lifted while it appealed. the judge denies the request. apple has denied any wrong doing. wall street has posted the worse week since june. nasdaq closed down by nine. despite social media's rise in prominence, the vast majority of fortune 500 ceos do not have a presence on social media. just 32% of the top ceos have an account. many of those accounts are on lynked in. last may warren buffet did venture on to twitter saying warren is in the house. the most popular ceo on social media you probably guessed it
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it's mark zuckerberg the founder of facebook. about $9 million a piece before taxes if they take a lump sum pay out. it was their boss who met with reporters this morning. he was not part of the pool that bought the winning ticket. he said his workers were still on the job. one of the other two winning tickets is held by a man from minnesota but the identity of whoever holds that third winning ticket is still a mystery. too expensive for oprah. why switzerland is apologizing to her for what happened when she wanted to see a $38,000 and bag. why witnesses say she and the man suspected of taking her were spotted doing in idaho. >> there's still drizzle in the forecast. but it won't last for long. ktvu's mark tamayo is coming up with the warmest day of your weekend. >> mail stolen from what was supposed to be a mail drop off
10:34 pm
box. what advice postal inspectors are giving. >> and get ktvu news to go. you can catch the latest news and alerts right there on your mobile device.
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a fiery plane crash in north haven connecticut has claimed the lives of three people. the twin engine plane crashed as it was trying to land. a former microsoft executive and his son had been touring colleges and were the only two people on the plane. two of three people on the ground including children were also killed. now to the latest on that amber alert and the search for a san diego county man accused of killing a woman and her son and kidnapping her teenage daughter. the search is now focused on idaho. it began last weekend near tijuana after two burned bodies were found in the suspect's homes. those bodies were the teenager's mother and little brother. will carmile now on the chance encounter that has led the search to idaho. >> reporter: the man suspected of kidnapping 16-year-old
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hannah anderson after killing her mother and little brother. >> the blue nissan was discovered covered in brush. the license plates had been removed. but local law enforcement in the area were able to confirm through the local v.i.n. number that the vehicle did belong to demaggio. >> reporter: this after a horse back rider reported seeing demaggio and hannah camping out. >> when they left they had backpacks on. they spotted a tent. so they were obviously camping in that area. >> reporter: the body of hannah's body was found in demmagio's scorched home. demaggio was a long time lifetime friend. >> it was unable for us to determine from a witness account if she was being held against her will. from the account we received they both appear to be in good
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health. >> reporter: demaggio bought camping equipment a month ago and appears to have been planning this kidnapping for a while. in egypt scores of people are injured in clashes between demonstrators and police. thousands took to the streets in support of muhammad morsi. the protests came after the end of a religious celebration. it was the second of two bombs the first was dropped on hiroshima three days earlier. they were the first and still only nuclear weapons to be used at war. in italy today, researchers took a step toward solving the identity of the world's most famous painting the mona lisa.
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they opened the tomb said to contain her son. they will compare that dna to a woman found in an archaeological dig. the swiss tourism office is apologizing to oprah winfrey. she says that a store employee there refused to show her a $38,000 handbag because it was quote too expensive for her. a spokeswoman for the country's tourism office posted the apology on twitter. thieves stealing from the mailbox at a bay area postoffice. >> mid-july start getting late notices on some of my bills and i said what the heck. >> what the postal service failed to do about it. >> the bay area team that's one game away from the little league championship. >> and drizzle and rain all in your weekend forecast.
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some oakland residents are furious, they say they've had stacks of mail stolen from a drop backseat at the laurel postoffice. people did not find out until creditors started calling. >> don't putt bills in there. >> reporter: it's a warning that laura was hoping was given to her before she put her mail in there. >> it was a credit union application that had my mother's maiden name, my social security, my address, everything. >> reporter: this has caused creditors to close bank accounts. >> this keeps happening and they haven't done anything about it and they have not
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notified the public. >> reporter: postal inspectors say they've been trying to figure out how this is happening but they need victims to come forward. >> we need people if they realize something is not right, contact us. >> reporter: in the meantime they say going inside the postoffice may be best. >> so now i have to park, and go inside. i'm really angry and upset that it's one more thing that's unsafe in this neighborhood. >> reporter: the postal service may upgrade security here. still it comes too late for thompson. >> if it's not safe at the postoffice where is it safe? >> reporter: if you've used this box in the last month and a half, you may want to make some calls to make sure your checks have reached their destination. anne rubin. san francisco police are using twitter on an effort to crack down on stolen bicycles arrests. police estimate more than 4,000 bicycles were stolen in san
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francisco last year. happening now, outside lands has kicked off. the legendary paul mccartney. mccartney started with a song from the past but it wasn't all about yesterday. there's a very modern vibe to this celebration, patti lee has the story. >> reporter: a very modern vibe. this is the very first year that outside lands designed a hackathon to allow fans to watch other bands on seven other stages in the park.
10:46 pm
it turns golden bay park into a mini city. an estimated 6,000 people showed up for outside lands today. a sold out concert with a headline band that attracted many generations. >> i don't know how long he's going to be touring so i want to see him while i still can. >> i came to see a beatle now i'm going to go see something modern. >> reporter: new this year, beer land. >> tonight's edition. ear muffs. >> reporter: security is also beefier this year, and sponsored security. >> there's a lot of cool gadgets out there. we want to make sure those are protected as well. >> reporter: neighbors hope concertgoers don't ruin their fun. >> when people are coming out
10:47 pm
of the show they're in a much worse situation. when they're going in they're all friendly and happy. when they're going home, they want to find anything they can get away with. >> reporter: you can see people are still leaving this concert which ended at 10:00. these folks are exiting through fulsome street. you can see there's a lot of security on hand. this is the time that folks who live around here are most concerned about because some of the folks here have had a lot to drink. some of them are stumbles and they're worried what might happen when they leave the grounds. health officials are warning tonight is the next two months are a critical time for avoiding west nile virus. this week seven birds in contra costa county tested positive for the potential deadly disease. vector control officials say important to wear insect repellent and to get rid of
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standing water where mosquitoes may breed. we have been talking about a cooldown all week long. things have been changing over the weekend. another round of low clouds and fog pushing back into the bay. san mateo, oakland. reporting partly cloudy skies as that cloud deck continues to expand in size. as far as the wind speeds still gusty wind out toward fairfield. as the southwest 24 miles per hour, oakland winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. some more wind reports for you at sfo. wind at 10 miles per hour. and a little bit stronger out toward the livermore area as well. forecast highs, increasing low clouds. a bit of a breeze. an then the extended a little bit of a bump in the numbers with a warming trend showing up. we have been talking about this guy. this area of low pressure for the past three to four days. it's not moving too much.
10:49 pm
let's produce some thunderstorms up to the north. up toward lake county. some warning cloud cover a little bit warmer as the system begins to scoot out into the north. then into next week for monday and tuesday this area of high pressure rebuilds. temperatures the warmest locations by wednesday could be right around 90 degrees. of course that's well inland and we'll still have the patchy fogs to deal with for the morning hours. in fact, for tomorrow morning once again the clouds a bit factor out there. we could have some wet roadways driving highway 1 near the immediate shoreline. right around the bay itself. into the afternoon hours, clouds go back to near the coastline. still left over patches. our weather service has not moved too much. we're going to stick with it tomorrow. santa rosa in the upper 70s. stinson beach at 63 degrees. near 70 degrees and head over the hills you will find low to mid-80s out there for antioch. brentwood 85 degrees. san jose about 3:00 tomorrow 76
10:50 pm
degrees. fremont 74 and more neighborhoods coming up for you. san francisco 66 degrees. and partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the mid- to lower 60s. you can see temperatures the over all trend, we are warming things up, sunday will be the warmest day. not by much. then we continue to warm things up monday, tuesday. and wednesday it could be near 90 degrees. but tomorrow we're going to be tracking drizzle. >> so bring a jacket if you're going to outside lands. >> that's correct. we have a quick correction. we misidentified the artist blind the mona lisa it's leonardo davinci. the oil giant says it's going to give a total of five grants totaling $100 for its
10:51 pm
economic self-sufficiency program and it's site technology engineering program. similar grants helped educate 2,000 students last year. also created 75 jobs for people who live in richmond and contra costa county. the little league world series, the belmont redwood shores team beat a team from arizona to move on to the western regional championship game that's played tomorrow in san bernardino. whoever wins that game goes on the the little league world series in williamsport pennsylvania later this month. mark is off tonight. fred is here. last night it was the 49ers, today it was the giants. >> reporter: no nfl team needs the season more than oakland. the raiders have so many holes and so many players trying to fill them. tonight against dallas we saw some of the promising new candidates. and matt flint, flint completed four of five passes but he also
10:52 pm
getting sacked on the first possession. losing the ball. dallas converts that turnover into a field goal. terrell pryor threw well and converts the ball. he throws it right to j.j. wilcox. undrafted quarterback matthew mcgoren to butler. butler makes a sensational catch. the raiders win 19-7. that included josh redick who started tonight in an 0-20. oakland batted 400 as a team tonight in toronto and scored a season high 14 runs. lawrie starts with scoring in
10:53 pm
the first. laurie 4-4 with 5 rbis. and redick has three more tonight starting with that solo shot in the second. and redick's second 2-out solo homer. three homers, five rbis for josh redick who becomes the third player to hit three homers. rangers also win so they remained tied for third place. and the bullpen let things down. and one golfer that had a chance to make history. jeffrey duffer big day today. next.
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giants pitcher ryan vogelsan was on the mound and he was in and out of the showers before he was done. the tieing run, brandon belt scores. 2-2 vogelsan not a man of the record. javier lopez sends this big
10:57 pm
homer. orioles win 5-2. jason duffner doesn't look too excited but his heart has to be pounding. a 7-under 63. yeah 7-under 63. shane come back shane. that's an eagle for jason. a birdie would make jason the first golfer ever to hit a 62 ever in a tournament. comes up short. it ties him for the best ever. he has a two shot lead that is sports as we see it on this tuesday night. >> the matt flint era begins. >> yeah, of course we have lots of time. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> we learned that b.a.r.t. talks have ended for tonight and negotiations are set to resume at 8:30 tomorrow. the news will begin at 7:00
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a.m. tomorrow. keep in mind we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks for joining us. >> have a great weekend everyone. bye bye. it guides you to a number that will change your life:
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your sleep number setting. it even knows you by name. now it's easier than ever to experience deep, restful sleep with the sleep number bed's dualair technology. at the touch of a button, the sleep number bed adjusts to each person's ideal comfort and support. and you'll only find it at a sleep number store. where right now our newest innovations are available with 48-month financing. sleep number. comfort individualized.
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